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Keith Jack Jewelry Stunning Celtic Jewelry  designed by Keith Jack imported from Canada
Keith Jack Jewelry

Keith Jack Jewelry

Collections of Stunning Celtic Jewelry by Keith Jack

Keith Jack has spent his life immersed in nearly every aspect of the Jewelry business.   But it was the births of his two beautiful children, Caitlin and Sam that ignited his passion for designing and creating jewelry.  As a native of Scotland, Keith draws inspiration from the natural beauty of both the Scottish and Irish landscapes.   Each of Keith’s stunning Jewelry collections offers something unique that he has seen in a remote mountain loch, the graying skies over the glen, or the tender ripples along a sandy beach.    Such sources of enchanting inspiration push him to combine textured precious metals and natural gemstones in surprising and stunning ways.   Keith’s designs are strengthened by his ability to blend ancient Celtic symbolism with contemporary styles and elegance.  Currently Keith lives in Vancouver and often returns to his homeland of Scotland to spend time in the refreshingly beautiful country that is home to his inspiration.
Keith Jack Celtic Jewelry

Keith Jack Tree of Life Collection Keith Jack Dragon Weave Collection Keith Jack Window to the Soul Collection
Rune & Ogham Collections by Keith Jack Element Collection by Keith Jack Night & Day Collection by Keith Jack
Scottish Collection by Keith Jack  Flight Collections by Keith Jack Scottish Collection by Keith Jack
 Crosses Collections by Keith Jack Ashen Rose Collections by Keith Jack

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