Trinity Compass Pendant Ashen Rose

Trinity Compass Pendant Ashen Rose

from 135.00

Lovely Round Ashen Rose Trinity Compass Pendant
10K Rose Gold and Sterling Silver.
Double sided (all silver on the second side).
Two great sizes.
Thick 18" Sterling Silver chain with lobster clasp.
Nicely boxed with silver cloth.

Available in two sizes:
Large 1 1/8" in diameter $225.00
Small 3/4" in diameter  $135.00

Made by Keith Jack
Imported from Canada
Keith Jack Jewelry Celtic Cross Collection
Imported from Canada
Signed by the Artist

Ships in 3 to 5 days

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Ashen Rose

A rose blooming under the silver light of the moon.  Let i remind you that the strength in your heart and the power of your intuition will guide you towards light in the darkness.