Sterling Silver & 10K Ogham Pendants

Sterling Silver & 10K Ogham Pendants


Ogham in Sterling Silver & 18K inscriptions
Celtic Knot Filigree design with Ogham Script
Choice of Four Gaelic Phrases

Ogham reads Misneach
Translation:  Courage

Ogham reads Clann
Translation:  Family

Ogham reads Cairdeas
Translation:  Friendship

Ogham reads Gra
Translation:  Love

Pendant: 1 & 1/8" long x 1/2" wide
with permantent bale with 18K Accent 
Thick Sterling Silver 18" chain with clasp.
Nicely boxed with silver cloth.

Keith Jack Jewelry
Imported from Canada
Signed by the Artist

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Secret Ogham: 

Words and ideas hold power. When wearing these pendants we give thought to the inscriptioon thereby drawing the positive energy of that word or idea into ourselves. Secret ogham, a reminder of something shared.