Scottish Jewelry by Keith Jack


Keith Jack has a wonderful collection of Heritage inspired jewelry: The Scottish Collection. The collection includes bracelets, pendants, cuff links and rings. Included in the collection is the national emblem of Scotland the Thistle, the Scottish Rampant or Scottish Lion and the very romantic Luckenbooth.

Scottish Rampant:

The Lion Rampant flag depicts a lion, the king of beasts, rearing up with three of its clawed paws outstretched as if in battle. The first recorded use of the Lion Rampant as an emblem in Scotland was by Alexander II in 1222. The emblem occupied the shield of the royal coat of arms of the ancient Kingdom of Scotland which was used by the King of Scots until 1603. The Lion Rampant has since been incorporated into both the royal arms and royal banners of successive Scottish then British monarchs in order to symbolize Scotland. It can be seen today in the Royal Standard of the United Kingdom.

Scottish Thistle:

Legend has it that a a sleeping party of Scottish warriors were saved from ambush by an invading Norse army when one of the attackers trod on a thistle with his bare feet. His cries raised the alarm, the roused Scots duly defeated the invaders and the thistle was adopted as the flower of Scotland.

Luckenbooth A Scottish love token:

The Luckenbooth is a very romantic Scottish tradition. The Luckenbooth was usually a silver brooch given by the groom to his bride on their Wedding Day. The pin was then kept to pin to the shawl of the first child to protect them from evil spirits. Learn more about the tradition: Luckenbooth Brooches - A History


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