St. Columba Wheel Cross Cornwall, England

St. Columba Wheel Cross Cornwall, England


Celtic St. Columba Wheel Cross by McHarp
5" high x 5" wide
Hanger on back.

St. Columba Wheel Cross Cornwall, England is 5" in diameter. Made in the USA. This cross is inspired by an actual Cross in Cornwall England. Cast with a sturdy cast stone-like material. Colored and sealed to look as close to the original stone carving as possible. Ready to hang!

Made for outdoor or indoor use, this charming piece is a great addition for your home or garden!

Explanation card included.
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Made in the USA
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Explanation Card Reads:

The point at the center of the wheel cross represents the Most High God, the motionless mover, for the point at the center has no dimensions and cannot turn, yet all turns around it. Movement towards the center, towards God, is difficult against the centrifugal force of the turning wheel, whereas in the opposite direction, towards the outer darkness, no effort is required. 

The Wheel Cross developed in the Celtic world from the Chi-Rho monogram representing Christ. The letter X (Chi) and P (Rho), the first two letters of Christ in Greek, were one over the other. After centuries, this symbol came to be enclosed in a circle, thus forming the wheel cross.