Irish Bless Bright Flame Garden Plaque by McHarp

Irish Bless Bright Flame Garden Plaque by McHarp


Irish Blessing Garden Plaque by McHarp
Great Celtic Design with Knots Borders
10.75” Square.

Cast with a sturdy cast stone-like material. Colored and sealed.
Ready to hang! Indoors or outdoors, great addition to any garden.

Explanation card included.
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Made in the USA
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Explanation Card Reads:

An Irish blessing surrounds the central design depicting the ancient Celtic custom of passing the flame or light from hand to hand.  This was an annual tradition to rekindle every hearth fire in the land.  Light is also the symbol of God's word. Contained within the outside corners are intricate Celtic design of knotwork.  

The blessing is as follows - 

Be you a bright flame before me.
Be you a guiding star above me.
Be you a smooth path below me.
And a kindly shepherd behind me.
Today, tonight and forever.