McHarp Crosses: Made in the USA

Each McHarp piece is handcrafted and inspired by designs of antiquity.  Each piece also has a reference to the time period and culture it was taken from.  McHarp, Inc. a family owned and run business; the original owners Ruth McNay and Linda Harp, mother and daughter were talented in carving and design.

Actual artifacts found across the ancient world inspire each object. McHarp explores the legendary, symbolic or archetypical significance of the items in our selection process. Once selected, the piece is first hand carved in clay, and then molds are crafted for the individual piece.

Made of a sturdy cast stone-like material, colored and sealed, ready to hang! Indoors or outdoors. Explanation card included with each piece.  These pieces are a wonderful architectural adornment in the home as well as in the garden.

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Mary Comerford