Celtic Circle & Cross Bronze Wall Plaque

Celtic Circle & Cross Bronze Wall Plaque


Made in Ireland by The Wild Goose Studio, Kinsale, Co. Cork
5.5" diameter. Bronze. Ready to hang.
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Bronze over resin. Ready to hang.

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Explanation on back reads:

The Wild Goose Studio
Celtic Circle and Cross

The Celtic Cross is defined by its containing circle, which confronts the ordinary with the sacred.  Ordinary time is linear and rational sacred time is both stillness and movement, meditation and dance.  The union of the two dimensions, represented by the cross within the circle becomes the soul and fulfillment.

With faith, hope, myth, ritual, imagination and love, ordinary events become part of the sacred and embued with mystery and magic.  Then the pattern of life is part of the pattern of the stars and the cosmos, while day-to-day living is filled with meaning and excited by possibilities.

Q. How are the Studio's designs made?
A. All Wild Goose's work is handmade by skilled craft-workers using a cold cast method. Each piece has a shell of pure cast iron or bronze backed by a resin and ceramic core. Any variations in finish are part of its appeal.