Tree Cross

Tree Cross


Irish Tree Cross
Beautiful Tree Cross 7.25" x 3"
Cast by hand in Kinsale
Irish Tree Cross Made in Ireland by The Wild Goose Studio, Kinsale, Co. Cork
Bronze over resin. Ready to hang.

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Explanation on back reads:

The Wild Goose Studio

Tree Cross
Tree Cross joins two ancient symbols: the tree and the cross.  The TREE unites the material each with the spiritual heavens.  In the Bible there is the tree of life (earthy paradise with its seductive fruits) and the tree of knowledge, of good and evil.  The tree, by the annual renewal of foliage, promises life's continuity.  The CROSS joins the feminine horizontal with the masculine vertical.  By the resurrection it promises like everlasting.

"We must find some place on the Tree of Life high enough for the passion that is exaltation and for the wings that are always on fire" W.B. Yeats


Q. How are the Studio's designs made?
A. All Wild Goose's work is handmade by skilled craft-workers using a cold cast method. Each piece has a shell of pure cast iron or bronze backed by a resin and ceramic core. Any variations in finish are part of its appeal.